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Effective tips for promoting your rap beats on twitter

twitter beatsAre you a beat maker who is interested in putting his or her song out there? Well, you are one lucky person because you can achieve this in the most effective and efficient way; social media platforms. Twitter is just one of the numerous social networking sites where you can make inform the rest of the world about the very existence of your rap beats. A good number of people are making it big in their rap and other music career thanks to social media marketing. Well, in as much as easy or difficult it may sound, there are effective tips that you can follow to facilitate an easy time when you begin promoting your rap music on twitter. Obviously, the last thing any person wants is to be frustrated just because their efforts are bearing no tangible outcome. Continue reading to learn some of the things that you can do to ensure your efforts are successful.


Follow people:
Do not expect people or fans to follow you on twitter if you do not follow them. In any case, how else will they know of your very existence? This is particularly the case if you are not yet as popular as other music celebrities. If you really want to get fans to buy rap Beats from your site you really need to form relationships. However, you should be careful not to follow just anyone; consider following people who you believe might be interested in your music. The best way to approach this is to establish an established musician who sings music similar to you, find the people who actually tweet him or her and then follow them.

One thing I would suggest you do is go to beat sites like soundclick.com and check out some of the beat makers their and check out their social profiles. Take in some information on what those beat makers are doing on twitter and how they interact  with their twitter followers.

Consistency is of utmost importance:
You must maintain consistency as an artist in every aspect for you to gain momentum continuously. This includes the interval between which you release new songs, how often you hold shows and how active you are in twitter. Specifically, ensure to keep tweets running consistently by using sites such as Buffer which helps in scheduling your tweets and most especially the content ones. Beat makers like www.thecorporatethiefbeats.com are always using automated tools like buffer app and hootsuite to help with their beat selling business. Nevertheless, always remember to spend some time, say after every two to four days, to interact with your followers. Twitter peaks hours are usually between 2p and 10pm; you may want to consider schedule your interaction time around this time.

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How to promote your mixtape on facebook

how you can promote your mixtape on FacebookFacebook is one of the social media that has revolutionized the way people communicate around the world.It is one of the channels if well used can help you promote your mix tape to a bigger audience, as easy as it may appear, promoting your music on Facebook will need more than the common ways. This will include strategies to be able to communicate to large masses and promote your product. Here are few tips on how to promote your mixtape on Facebook .


Create Audience

There is no way you can promote your mixtape with fewer friends, so the first thing you need to do is to use adding strategy. This will need time, which means you will have to start very early just when your mixtape idea comes to mind.Take time in adding new friends to your Facebook account making sure that you do not go beyond the daily limit or else your account will be blocked or restricted.


Create fan Page and group

You Facebook account are your personal account, you may decide to change it to your fan page or you can go along and create another so that you do not mix business and personal posts. Take advantage of the many followers and new friend and invite them to your new fan page or group. Make sure your fan page or group is flexible so that people and new fans are free to interact.

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